About the Company

Founded in 1999, HAV Shipping AS is a fully integrated, wholly Norwegian owned, specialist shipowner. From our head office in Oslo, Norway we are proud to provide our swift, efficient, reliable and environmentally conscious service to the European short sea and project cargo markets.

The HAV Shipping group is fully Norwegian owned with headquarters in Oslo

Quality fleet of 17 standardised single box hold, low air draft, movable bulkheads, dry cargo vessels (DWT 2,000 – 4,000 MT).

HAV focuses on serving the North Sea, Baltic and Mediterranean dry bulk, and project cargo, markets.

HAV aspires to being the most reputable and recognized player in the European short sea and river markets.

HAV Shipping Group

The HAV Shipping Group is comprised of, our ship owning unit, a full service chartering team and our specialist ship management team. Together, these three in house business units ensure an efficient, fully integrated service which includes chartering, ship management/crewing and ship owning/project services.

HAV Shipping, HAV Bulk and HAV Chartering AS are all headquartered in Norway’s capital Oslo, a major shipping cluster.

HAV Shipping AS is a Norwegian company that is solely owned by Norwegian interests. The board consists of Petter Kleppan (Chairman), Capt. John B. Hough and Arnstein Endresen.

Company’s Course

The company’s operations focus primarily on the sea-river segment with smaller bulk and feeder vessels of 2,000 to 10,000 DWT. These vessels require efficient and well-organized maintenance due to North Sea voyage conditions, frequent port calls and diversity of bulk/project cargoes. The company handles all aspects of ship management, including ship operation, vessel inspection, repairs and conversions, project development, quality assurance, manning, purchasing, cost control and accounting. When pertinent, the company also interacts closely with HAV Chartering to optimize ship operation and ensure HES, QA/QC and ISM/ISPS compliance.
Operation of company’s vessels is based on quality routines and systems, which meet the most stringent requirements of the flag and coastal states, classification rules, regulations and the charterers themselves.